Restaurant Swinging Doors


Manufacturers of Restaurant Kitchen Doors

Commercial Stainless Steel Restaurant Swinging Doors

Stainless Steel Restaurant Swing Door Panels
All Doors Below Have Fixed Widths - Heights can be Custom
Single Panel - Standard Sizes Shown Below - Call for Custom Heights
Model Actual Door Width Height
SSTLS30-S 29 1/4" 78-84"
SSTLS36-S 29 1/4" 78-84"
Double Door Panels  Standard Sizes Shown Below Call for Custom Sizes
Model Fits a Finished Open Width Height
SSTLS36-D 36" 78-84"
SSTLS48-D 48" 78-84"
SSTLS60-D 60" 78-84"
SSTLS72-D 72" 78-84"
Specifications Sheet
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